According to foreign media reports, Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday launched the upgraded version of the WebOS Operating System, Palm Pre 2 smart phone will be available on Friday.

This year in July, to 1.2 billion HP pavilion zv5000 series Battery acquisition of smartphone maker Palm, and access to the Palm’s WebOS phone operating system. On Tuesday, HP pavilion zv5000 series Battery announced the launch of WebOS 2.0 operating system, which is available in 2009 WebOS the most significant upgrade since.

The first equipped with WebOS 2.0 smartphone operating system Palm Pre 2 landed on Friday the French market, and landing in the next few months the United States and Canada, operators as Verizon Wireless.

The former CEO of Palm, Palm is now HP pavilion zv6000 series battery‘s senior vice president of global operations and general manager Jon Rubinstein, said: “With the advent of WebOS 2.0, we continue to promote the 16 months before the innovative products, add new features, will build into a WebOS for consumers, businesses and developers for the excellent product. WebOS platform since the release, we’ve made great progress, and now we make the biggest update, added powerful features, making the devices equipped with WebOS 2.0 system can more easily do more. ”

HP pavilion zv6000 series battery said in a statement, WebOS 2.0 platform to provide consumers with the other applications do not have good experience for developers to integrate applications and services offers unparalleled openness.

Links: webOS 2.0 The main features include:

* Multi-task, the user can stack in the application and switch between tasks;

* Before opening the application can start using the keyboard, or e-mail messages;

* HP Synergy will allow users to connect to multiple laptop battery services, such as Facebook, Exchange, and LinkedIn;

* QuickOffice Connect software for mobile;

* Unified Messaging;

* Virtual Private Network;

• Improve the application directory.

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